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Changing Our Stories with God’s Story

Changing Our Stories with God’s Story

Our Stories Are Depressing

We experience illness, loss, stress, fear, and betrayal.

Our Stories Are Confusing

Life seems to be so meaningless and messy.

Our Stories Are Embarrassing

Chapters we wish we could rip out and shred.

Our Stories Are Ending

Even a happy ending comes to an end. What then?

Meet the StoryChanger

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  • Jesus is the world’s best and bestselling author.
  • Jesus offers to re-write your story with his Story.
  • Jesus changes pages of guilt into pages of forgiveness.
  • Jesus rips out pages of despair and fills with pages of hope.
  • Jesus replaces confusing chapters with meaningful chapters.
  • Jesus will give you a happy ending that never ends.
  • Jesus is the StoryChanger that can make you a storychanger.

The StoryChanger Changed Our Stories

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Change My Story

Please change my story with God’s Story and also make me a storychanger.*

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