Am I a Sinner? | Discipleship #4

Another way to understand sin is through the idea of law-breaking (1John 3:4).

When we sin, we break all of God’s commandments (James 2:10).

Think about Adam. Adam broke all the 10 commandments by eating the prohibited fruit.

How come?

By eating that fruit…

First, he said God was not the top priority of his life

Second, he tried to find satisfaction in the things created rather than in the Creator

Third, he ignored the holiness of God’s name

Fourth, he sought to rest not in God but his own works

Fifth, he dishonored his heavenly Father’s authority like a rebel

Sixth, he welcomed death for himself and for all humanity

Seventh, he did not love his wife but jeopardized her

Eighth, he took something illegal from the garden

Ninth, he believed the lies of Satan instead of trusting the true Word of God

And tenth, by eating that fruit, he coveted God’s glory instead of enjoying God’s glory.

And like Adam, we’re all sinners because we break all of God’s commandments

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