What Are Some Leadership Models to Avoid? | Leadership #4

Unbiblical models include:

Mr. Passive never takes a step forwards. If he can maintain the status quo or manage gradual
decline, he’s quite happy.

Mr. Dictator aggressively pushes his own agenda with little thought for others.

Mr. Crisis thrives on drama, especially when the spotlight is on him.  He’ll lead through the Red
Sea, but he’s not so keen on the wilderness. 

Mr. Inconsistent is up and then he’s down. Completely unpredictable and unreliable.

Mr. Fearful makes all decisions based on what people will think. 

Mr. Pessimist always thinks the worst. Growth in other churches is suspect. A cheerful Christian
is a shallow Christian.

Mr. Boastful is an expert with numbers – attendance numbers, budget numbers – which are
always bigger than anyone else’s.

Mr. Academic has read every book you’ve ever read and twice as much again.

Mr. Sociable loves socializing but not shepherding.

Mr. Administrator loves paper and pixels. People and preaching, not so much.

Follow all the biblical models and avoid all unbiblical models.

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