What is sin? | Discipleship #2

We live in a sin-denying culture.

We don’t like to talk about sin.

Most people erased the word “sin” from their vocabulary.

Yet, we need to continue to talk about sin because it’s an important concept to understand how God’s story changes our story.

So what is sin? We may talk about sin as the lacking and corruption of good.

God is good, and only good things can flow from him

God is not the author of sin. Sin is not a creature of God but a perversion of what God created very good.

So sin is an intruder.

It’s like rust corroding a metal.

It’s like a parasite feeding on a good creature.

Sin has no nature for itself. Sin needs the good to exist. Sin is spoiled goodness

Like darkness is the absence of light

Like cold is the absence of heat

Our sins tell us that we lack God’s presence

Our sins tell us that we corrupted the life God has given us

Our sins tell us that life’s not the way it’s supposed to be

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