Why is Sin a Problem? | Discipleship #3

The messy world we live in is not the Creator’s original plan.

God is good and therefore created the world very good.

We were made in God’s image to reflect his beauty, character, and works.

Yet, we rebelled against God, following the path of our first parents.

Like them, we break God’s law with our thoughts, desires, words, and actions.

Instead of loving God and loving our neighbors, we are born loving ourselves, ignoring God and our neighbors.

Like our first parents, we constantly hide from God’s presence and try to live life independently.

So, why is my sin a problem for God?

God is righteous and just, and as the perfect judge, he must judge all evil.

If God leaves evil and injustice without its due penalty, he is not a good and holy God.

So, since sin is abandoning God, and God is the author and giver of life, the outcome of sin is death: spiritual, physical, and eternal separation from his presence.

That’s why God has a problem with us. As sinners, we don’t deserve his love and goodness, but only his holy wrath and justice.

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