Bears, Onions, Love Languages, School Buses, Dislocated Elbows, Daddy-Daughter Fun

In today's podcast, we hear six stories from six Christians about the way God is changing their stories with his Story.

1:34 I share my encounter with a Kodiak Bear during my recent trip to Alaska and how I learned the importance of being spiritually armed for spiritual confidence.

7:16 Jo's  first onion harvest encouraged her that nutritional value is more important that size.

12:06 Ty helps us hear God's voice by helping us understand God's different love languages.

17:02 Meribeth uses her time stuck behind a yellow school bus to remind herself and us that God knows our story.

21:21 Small pains can heal us from big pains, as Pastor Jean found out when his little son dislocated his elbow.

26:23 How much does God enjoy us falling into his arms? Seob found out the answer to that question when playing with his young daughter.

Meet our storytellers here.

StoryChanger Devotional: Luke: Stories of Mission and Mercy by David Murray

StoryChanger Book: The StoryChanger: How God Rewrites Our Story By Inviting Us Into His by David Murray

Visit for more resources on changing our story with God's Story.

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